Bingo! – Photos

Just because. It’s fun and shit.


Defensive Omnivore Bingo
Defensive Omnivore Bingo 2
Speciesist Feminist Bingo
Anti-Feminist Vegetarian Bingo


we can has bocaburgrrrrrrs? – Photos

Mad vegun femeanist lolz, mai dogs haz got dem. (Moar hear.)


lol kaylee - just needs a hammer
lol rennie - is on teh bottom of teh shitpile
lol jayne - speciesism 101, pot 1
lol ralphie - ibtp tew
lol rennie - she b packin wit stylin
lol kaylee - b purty ether way
lol peedee - cost 200 pr hr
lol jayne - bark anything
lol ralphie - dis yerd b patrolled


Miscellaneous – Photos


Save the Whales, Boycott PETA (Large)
lol batman - get that dood-elle
PETA Body Scanner Spoof - Front (Humans)
PETA Body Scanner Spoof - Back
PETA Body Scanner Spoof - Front
pagan bitch
Save the Whales, Boycott PETA (175x750)


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