Unless otherwise noted, all materials (e.g., text, photos, artwork, etc.) appearing on and created by the site admin are licensed with the following Creative Commons license:

Attribution + Noncommercial + ShareAlike (cc by-nc-sa)

This means that you are free to download, print, repurpose, remix and/or redistribute these materials, as long as:

1. You attribute them to their respective creators. All materials uploaded by the site admin (aka “Marshmallow Cunt”), unless otherwise noted, should be attributed to Kelly Garbato.

2. If you are using these materials online, please link back to so that your audience can join in the fun!

3. You share and share alike.

4. You keep it free – absolutely no commercial uses, kay?
Materials submitted by site visitors or registered members belong to their respective creators. If you want to use another person’s work, you will need to obtain her/his/hir permission directly.

You can do this one of two ways:

1. Leave a comment on the work in question.

2. Contact the member using your member profile. (Coming soon!)

That said, if you choose to upload or submit materials to, it would be most helpful to include a copyright/licensing notice!

Please and thank you.

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