assless chaps for peace

“Do the people who admire this kind of thing [Boobquake] ever wonder why there’s no Men’s Auxiliary Assless Chaps For Peace March?” (Via Blamer Occasional lurker.)

Well, wonder no more! Inspired by the…creative? artistic? sexist? yeah, that’s it!…Inspired by the sexist “Support For The Seals!” Facebook page, this vegan feminist is proud to bring you Schlongs4Seals! Here at Schlongs4Seals, our motto is simple (and scantily clad): Show us your pricks! (For the animals, of course.)

Formerly hosted on Facebook (as Schlongs For The Seals and, later, SCHLONGS4SEALS) – which proved less-than-hungry for all our juicy, compassionate man meat – Schlongs4Seals has since moved to its own shiny new domain. Currently only the blog is up and running, but in the future we hope to add photo and discussion capabilities, à la Facebook. Until then, check out our photos on Flickr.

And remember – get those balls screened, boys! Wouldn’t want a little thing like testicular cancer ugging up your cock cleavage!