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Hot on the heels of disappearing the excellent Dairy Cow Diary (and disabling the accounts of at least two of its admins), it looks like FB finally got around to deleting my original Schlongs For The Seals! page. (It WAS available at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Schlongs-For-The-Seals/121851901192087; as you can see, the URL now redirects to FB’s main page.) This even though I had drastically modified the content to address Facebook’s previous “concerns” – i.e., the page’s photo album was empty; I removed all references to SeaL Shepherd/Michael McDade; and rather than criticize the “Boobs for Seals” group directly, I simply linked to pages on this website to explain the page’s mission and overview. Meh.

Ah well, fuck ’em! Who needs FB’s arbitrary and capricious “standards” when you’ve got the entire internet on which to play?

www.schlongs4seals.com and dairycowdiary.wordpress.com – like, share, spread the word (especially via FB).

Even misogynists and speciesists can’t stop the signal. Vive la révolution!

(All my knowledge of the Dairy Cow Diary situation is second-hand and comes from Provoked‘s Bea Elliott. Keep on eye on her FB account, as well as the new Dairy Cow Diary blog, for more.)

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